Other stuff

click on text for a blog on dwarf planets                                    solar system and star size

this blog                                                                                          my views and visitors daily

solarinfo.wordpress.com                                                             Solar system <- PowerPoint

Wikipedia                                                                                           wordpress.com make a blog!

Solar trivia PowerPoint                                                               Solar trivia2 (non- PowerPoint)

solarinfo2.wordpress.com same creator                                     are you a solarfan?

do you like this site?                                                                        atomsfun.wordpress.com   

Solar word search Microsoft word                                                  solartrivia-teachers.ppt

make a solargame– link it to a comment and I might upload it!


3 thoughts on “Other stuff

  1. I think it is wonderful that you love science!! I remember doing a report on stars when I was in school a long time ago. I am a cousin from Massachusetts :-)

  2. I just LOVE your site Frank!! How the heck did you figure out how to do it?! It’s going to help lots of people learn and be interested in Science! :)

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